Structural design

Kolo® offers design and projection services for the assembly of screen structures. We analyze the requirements, do the projection, make the calculations and execute the project meeting the construction guidelines, ensuring the final quality and assembly.

We help you to create an adequate structure for your screen, any shape, size or location.
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Experience's Design

Kolo® has the tools and the talent to design your next digital experience and any digital content...

for any size
for any audience.
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LED Display and Screens Installation

Need some help installing your screen?
Kolo® has a group of professionals trained to install all kinds of LED screens of the Kolo® brand or any other brand. As manufacturers, we know the electronic specifications of the devices available on the market, as well as the communication software, so we can train others on using them. The installation service is customizable and may include:

- Consulting about structures for assembly
- Mechanic assembly of equipment
- Wiring and connection
- Power up
- Software and Hardware training

Warranty extension

Kolo offers post-warranty contracts for any kind of LED screens*, we offer a Help Desk and personal assistance if needed.
We have a repair lab where 90% of the problems are solved and, due to our experience as manufacturers, we know how to solve any kind of problems related to your screen.
The service may include:

- Periodical preventive maintenance
- Corrective maintenance in case of failures
- Additional discount on spare parts
- KOLO screens offer 3-year warranty and can be complemented with on-site service

* Restrictions applied and previous analysis is required.