We create unique experiences
for unique locations
We do the Job through
creativity and technology
We create creative proposals
for unforgettable moments

Brands today sell experiences and emotions, not products.
And today's buyers expect memorable experiences with brands.
Kolo is a Design Studio of Digital Experiences, which concentrates its experience in the world of Digital Signage with its ability to integrate software and hardware with creativity and putting technology at the service of our customers.

Only in this way can we satisfy the needs of our clients, monetizing the experience and increasing brand loyalty.

In our work process our most important focus is the understanding of What? Or for what? the development of the clients' requirement, to offer them the best solution in design of Digital Experiences, based mainly on their KPI's.


We bring to reality digital experiences that incorporate technologies in creative and innovative ways.

We strive to optimize spaces and performance or your environment so as to better communicate and interact with your audience.

Our solutions must deliver a more memorable overall experience of your brand or facility.


Know more about us.
Discover kolo's evolution since 2004
How we keep improving creating new digital experiences.


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Kolo over the years has accumulate great experience in the world of Digital Signage, concentrating solutions for the design and installation of iconic digital projects on private and public urban roads, shopping centers, sports facilities, venues, among others. It also develops and integrates interactive digital experiences focused on the retail world, making the visit of customers more efficient, facilitating brands to communicate, inform and sell more effectively and dynamically. In Kolo, more than 10,000m2 of screen have been installed in 12 countries around the world, placing us among the 3 largest integrators in the country.


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